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Panthera S3 Swing

Panthera S3 Swing


Panthera S3 Swing is basically the same chair as S3, but with divided swing away foot rest. The locking mechanism for the foot rest is discrete and practical integrated inside the tube with a user friendly design. You can easily swing away one or both foot rest with your hands to, e.g, use your feet to maneuver the wheelchair and to make transfer to the wheelchair easy.

Panthera S3 Swing has a seat angle of 4 degrees, which opens up new possibilities to find a good sitting position, even for those who need to use their legs to move about with the wheelchair or for other reasons need to have a more flat seat angle.
The chassis’ seating angle, along with adjustable backrest and seat upholstery and the backrest tilt function combine to provide extremely good seating comfort.
The fabric used in the backrest upholstery has also been carefully selected for ergonomic and comfortable sitting.

The chair’s balance point can be adjusted to enable you to find a setting that offers a feeling of security. Accessories such as armrests and side guards have a unique design and you can adjust the height and fore-aft position of the armrests yourself without using tools.
The soft upper section of the side guards fold down when loaded such as when moving into or out of the wheelchair. You can place your hands on the side guards when you lift yourself up or down.
The attractively integrated anti-tip device can be folded in and out by yourself while you are seated in the wheelchair.