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Pressure & Seating

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    • Conform Cushions

      The Conform 3″ / 7.5cm height single valve air cushion has a medium profile height of 7.5cm to overcome instability and forward slide which some users experience on 10cm height cushions.

    • Flo-tech Contour

      The surface of the Flo-tech Contour cushion is contoured into sections.

    • Flo-tech Contour Visco

      The Flo-tech Contour Visco cushion is moulded from visco-elastic (memory) foam, which is temperature-sensitive to the body.

    • Flo-tech Image

      The Flo-tech Image cushion uses a combination of a slim, contoured foam with a large gel sac covering the sacral area.

    • Flo-tech Lite

      The Flo-tech Lite is a slimline contoured cushion that offers improved stability and postural support.

    • Flo-tech Lite Visco

      The Flo-tech Lite Visco cushion is constructed from high density, visco elastic (memory) foam which is temperature sensitive, allowing it to body shape.

    • Flo-tech Plus

      The Flo-tech Plus cushion incorporates a gel sac which is located towards the rear of the cushion.

    • Flo-tech Solution

      The Flo-tech Solution cushion uses a combination of a slim, contoured foam base with a dual layer of gel sacs over the entire cushion surface.

    • J2 Back

      The Jay J2 Back offers a lightweight, easy-to-use design that addresses both pelvic and trunk positioning.

    • J2 Deep Contour Back

      Jay J2 Deep Contour back was designed to fit the body first, then the wheelchair.